Minecraft Hunger Games

Get cash from killing players, spend it on weapons for the next game!

We're Back!

We will be starting up the server again soon! Just going to fix up the map and make sure the server works 100%. Also players can now use /ha watch so they can fly around and watch the action!

Why Are You Down On Saturdays?!?!

Hi, currently I work most Fridays, Saturdays, and a few Sundays. I try to edit the Online Times page to let you know if I will be able to run the server on that day but some times it is last minute. I will get called into work and I need money for College so I work as much as I can.

Why Are You Down On Wednesdays? Update & New Map!

On Wednesdays I hang out with my friends and family and go eat wings with them. 

Plugin Update 

Whats new?


From now on you need to type /ha join and then /ha confirm and it will clear your inventory

All players can now type /ha list to see who is still alive as a tribute 

1 step closer to Sponsors! /ha watch now makes players invisible and can fly! But the actual sponsor command still dose not work. I hope it will within the next update. 

 Dead players now have a [L] in front of their name and Tributes have [Tribute] in front of their name

New Map! 

HG3 aka Survival Games 2

It's a city! An abandon city, you spawn in the middle of the city in a park/woodland area and then you can go raid houses, skyscrapers, and a subway! We will be playing the new map all day on 5-10-12 

New Plugin?!? HungerArena!

We added a new Huger Games pluign, now it does take away a few things from our original server but it adds new things too, it also is a step closer to making our server automated. I will go over how it works, what we lost, and what we gained below.



Everyone complains about how much online time my server has, so in return I took that feedback and found a plugin that could help. Right now it can't fully run the server on it's own but the creator has Fully Automated on the top of his To Do list. 

What We Lost

Groups, that's about it. When your dead it dose not say ||Dead||<Username>| anymore, it's just your username. The only people to get "Tags" in front of their name is Champions, Staff, Owners, and Members.  Other than that we did not lose anything else.

What We Gained

Thanks to this plugin we can run games faster and smoother than before. Instead of making everyone a Tribute the game dose that for us. We no longer have to make sure you stay in your "pod" or make you have to use the [Warp] sign because this plugin brings all the players down to the field and then starts us with the use of a single command. To join the game players just type /ha join and they are in. Once the Staff member types /ha warpall all the players are on the field standing on a + made of stone. They are frozen in place, it does look glitchy so just stand still, moving makes it worse. The game starts it self and a countdown from 10, on 0 it says Let The Games Begin. When a player dies it says to everyone who died, how, sounds lightning on their death point, and then says how many Tributes are left alive. So now there is an easy way to keep track of the alive Tributes and players don't need to count using /list. Once there is only one player left alive the game says their username and says they have won the Hunger Games. They are given a prize (I turned that off), but because Staff is still needed to run the game they will get the Champion tag and the $50. If the server dose become automated they will get a rare item not found on the normal world and will have to get to the admin tower at spawn to trade that in for money before the game ends (About a minute). That's only if we make it automated. The plugin creator says they want to add economy system into the plugin so winner can get money instead of an item.


EDIT: Staff can now play because the games auto setup and auto start!  

5-5-12 Weekend, Y U Down?

Friday (5-4-12) and Saturday (5-5-12) I had to work so the server was down, we will be up Sunday! (5-6-12)


HG2.2 Map!

I am fixing up the maps and added more chest, 2 new puzzles. The Sponsor system is still not working yet. I am thinking of putting all the maps on one large map so we don't have to do so many map resets. I will make a fly-though of each map. 

Show Your Support! Lets Get #1 Hunger Games Server!

Show your support by Voting for our server on Minestatus.net!

This is our page: http://minestatus.net/30807-mc-hunger-games

Click the Vote button, fill in the security word and then your done! Lets try a

Want To Film On Our Server?

I have had a few people ask about filming on our server, and to each of them I reply with, "contact me personally on our website or the Minecraft Forums." Now I will have a better system of letting people film on our server, just fill out the information below and send me a message on this site. (Account Required)

Answer the questions below.

1) Do you want to start as a Tribute or a Camera: 

2) If Tribute was your answer for #1 do you want to fly around after you die: 

3) If you fly around will you help players by giving items or help fight mobs/players: 

4) YouTube channel link: 

5) Will you put the info below in your videos description: 


Server Info (Required To Put In The Videos Description)

Want to play with us? Our IP is mchungergames.hopto.org

Or visit our website at http://mchgserver.webs.com

Server Maxed Out?

We always have a full server (close at least) and on weekends we max out our server and host full lobby's. Don't you wish you had Membership? 

Let the Games Begin

Welcome to our Minecraft Hunger Games server website. Our server is limited to 24 player slots, 2-4 admin/staff slots. If you like how we run our games and want a spot even if the game is full you can buy a Membership from our web store for only $2 a month!

If Your A Member!

To let PK_Noob know that you want to play and you have a current Membership on our server message PK_Noob via the Minecraft Forums. Once he sees your message asking to be let on the server a random person will be kicked so you can join. If we have problems to solve them you will get a White Listed spot so you are always reserved a slot. You also can have access to the Member only games we can run or help us build/design new maps!

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