Minecraft Hunger Games

Get cash from killing players, spend it on weapons for the next game!

About Us

This is how we run our server.You will log into our server and find yourself in the Spawn Room, on the walls we wrote Hunger Games in red wool. Then on one wall says "Store". The "o" in the word is the door that leads into the server shop. Here you can buy items such as armor, weapons, food, ect. for the match. To get more money you can kill animals for a few dollars but your big bucks will come from killing players. When a player dies a gold nugget will drop and if you grab it you will get $10 per kill. To join the current lobby you must type /ha join then wait for the Staff to start the game. You will all be warped down to the field and then the game will count down from 10. You will be frozen in place until the game starts. After that you can play, your only goal is to survive. Once you die you will be put back at spawn, there will be "View Ports" for the waiting players to go and watch the Tributes keep playing.